The industry's most trusted back-office automation solutions for capital markets.

Why Firm58

Improve your ability to manage flexible revenue models and control expenses.

Broker Dealer Solutions

Reduce operating costs, improve customer satisfaction and uncover hidden revenue opportunities

Execution Venue Solutions

Streamline and reduce operational costs in your middle and back offices with daily trading P&L reporting.

Trading Firm Solutions

Broker Dealer

Firm 58 helps broker dealers protect their revenue & increase client and trader satisfaction.

Execution Venue

We help reduce operating costs, improve customer satisfaction, & uncover hidden revenue opportunities.

Trading Firm

Helping trading firms to streamline & reduce operational costs by calculating expenses at a granular level.

The Firm58 Platform

Firm58 offers a scalable and integrated platform for capital markets firms large and small. Individual solutions that address specific needs such as billing and CSA/soft dollar programs comprise a middle and back office platform that protects revenue by optimizing post-trade processes. Powerful reporting and analytics provide valuable insight across the business, helping firms stay nimble and respond to changing market conditions.

Our Platform

The Evolution of Capital Markets Fragmentation


Over the last 20 years, the markets have evolved from a system centralized around a handful of large exchanges and market makers into a diverse array of digital trading platforms. This new infographic shows just how dramatic the changes have been, demonstrating the severity and complexity of market fragmentation in capital markets. Digitization has opened[...]

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block chain technology whitepaper

Are Financial Markets Ready to Implement Blockchain Technology?


For the past couple of years, bitcoin dominated the financial markets' hype cycle. Today, organizations and traders are more excited about blockchain – the technology behind bitcoin's success.

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Keeping Up with Compliance & Surveillance in the Capital Markets


"Shape or Pay Up: How Broker Dealers Can Keep Pace with Compliance," Firm58's latest whitepaper, gives middle market brokerage firms recommendations for keeping up with compliance in a post-Dodd Frank financial landscape.

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"The new online facility is a tremendous benefit to our members, providing greater flexibility, efficiency and transparency in the billing process... The Firm58 Portal has greatly improved our invoicing distribution and efficiency."

Bob Airo, SVP for Market Operations NYSE Euronext

"...with Firm58′s dynamic reporting capabilities, I now have daily visibility to the overall performance of the firm. Firm58 enables us to understand our revenues by customer, trader, venue and product on a daily basis."

Robert Pellicone Managing Member, Hamilton Executions

"Firm58’s online billing function allows C2 to offer market participants easy access to their invoices and the ability to view and download trade data and associated fees using only a web browser, 24 hours a day."

David Reynolds Chief Accounting Officer, CBOE Holdings

About Firm58

Firm58 helps capital markets firms become more efficient by leveraging the back office for post-trade process improvements. With our solutions, businesses benefit from lower staffing requirements, better compliance and simplified processes for fees, commissions and payouts.

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