Why Firm58?

Capital markets firms in the U.S. and around the world are discovering the benefits of Firm58’s financial management software. From secure online billing solutions for broker dealers to exchange billing solutions and daily P&L reporting software for proprietary trading firms, Firm58 delivers advanced technology for the management of post-trade activities.

The Benefits of Firm58 Post-Trade Automation Solutions

Firm58’s Web-based financial management software automates middle- and back-office processes across asset classes, generating insights about revenue, profitability and other performance categories.

With solutions for billing, profitability analysis & managed exchange fees, CSA/soft dollar management and compliance, Firm58 partners with growth-minded capital markets firms to convert back-office automation into real-world business advantage.

Benefits of Firm58 solutions include:

Back Office Efficiency

Our Billing & Revenue Management solutions (including CMTA and cost-plus billing capabilities for Broker Dealers) automate billing routines for shorter payment cycles and a more efficient back office.

Increased Profitability

Firm58’s Profit Analysis & Managed Exchange Fee Verification solutions deliver visibility and insights that improve your firm’s profitability, and optimize order routing decisions.

Improved Compliance

Firm58 Compliance & Surveillance solutions improve your ability to comply with SEC, NASD, FINRA and Exchange Compliance rules—mitigating the risk of penalties and fines to your organization.

Better ROI

The Firm58 platform is Web-based and accessible using standard Web browsers. Our SaaS deployment model eliminates the need for costly on-site infrastructure and software upgrades, maximizing the return on your technology investments.

Strong Security

All Firm58 solutions are hosted at a world-class, high-availability datacenter in Chicago, and feature exceptionally robust, permission-based security, ensuring that only you and your clients will have access to sensitive data.