Firm58 at Rosenblatt’s 2nd Annual Financial Technology Summit

Next week I’ve been asked to attend the 2nd Annual Financial Technology Summit in New York put on by Rosenblatt Securities.  Thanks to Vikas Shah and the team at Rosenblatt Securities for inviting me to the event.  I’m really looking forward to it.

I will be part of a panel discussion that day entitled: Demystifying Post-Trade:  Understanding back office innovations can pay dividends.  We’ll be discussing the shifts in regulations and compliance, along with the ever changing demands of customers for greater transparency into their trading fees.  With transaction volume and commission dollars shrinking, and with regulations and compliance increasing the demands on trade by trade transparency, there’s a bigger requirement on the sell-side to more accurately and more timely process, account for and report on daily trading activity, including the measurement of client profitability.

The panel is going to dive into the post-trade problems and discuss potential solutions.  It’s next Thursday, September 30th in New York and I’m sure I’ll post some comments here after the event.