Merlin Securities on Business Process Maturity and Automation

Ron Suber, Senior Partner & Head of Global Sales & Marketing at Merlin Securities (a recent subscriber to Firm58’s services) shared with Firm58 a white paper discussing Merlin’s views on Business Process Maturity and the right time to invest in automation when running a hedge fund. Ron and his co-authors present a compelling method (referred to as PASS, Process Automation Score Sheet) for businesses to review their process automation needs and “score” one’s readiness to invest in new technologies.

The Merlin team clearly outlines the issues with over and under investing in automation. The team succinctly describes what every firm is trying to understand with the following passage:  “A process that is tolerated by investors in the early stages of a fund’s lifecycle will likely not be acceptable to investors in later stage funds and will almost certainly be disallowed by the institutional investors who allocate mature, successful funds.”  It’s a challenge we all face in business: when should we make the investment in process automation to support and encourage growth.

Anyone faced with these decisions to look at growth and the required investment would be well served to read this white paper.