Billing & Revenue Management

Manual bill calculations and invoicing processes are often inefficient or ineffective. In fact, manual billing routines can severely threaten your organization’s ability to convert sell-side revenue management to real-world business outcomes. Instead of forcing your back-office team to endure the drudgery of month-end billing, maybe it’s time to automate the billing process with broker dealer electronic billing software from Firm58.

End-to-End Billing Automation for Better Sell-Side Revenue Management

Brokerage billing requirements can be a drag on your business, creating unnecessary burdens on office staff and making it difficult for the back office to keep up with the agile pace being set by the front office. To compete in today’s marketplace, you need help—cost plus billing solutions for brokerages and other technologies that streamline billing routines, improve customer satisfaction and provide key revenue management insights to your business.

Benefits of Firm58 Billing for Sell-Side Revenue Management

Firm58’s Billing solution transforms your operational billing routines with robust automation built to deliver improvements in sell-side revenue management. Whether you’re billing clients or member firms (CMTA billing), Firm58 calculates, presents and collects bills online—resulting in better billing transparency and more satisfied customers. In addition high-level revenue reporting provides transparency into your growing business.

Executive Revenue Management Reporting

A series of high-level reports identifies the highest and lowest grossing clients, the greatest sources of revenue (i.e., various trading strategies) and the most profitable clients or lines of business—significantly expanding visibility to critical information in your sell-side revenue management

Automated End-to-End Billing

Firm58 automates the entire billing process, reducing the workload and minimizing opportunities for manual processing errors.

  1. Calculation: computes fees, credits and charges for daily trade and non-trade-related activities in any currency
  2. Presentation: send online bills segmented by trade activity (e.g., order type, asset, etc.) in a variety of formats, flexible layouts and delivery options
  3. Collection: record and view payments for faster reconciliation and timely payment

Improved Cost-Plus Billing Processes

The Billing solution automates cost-plus billing routines and provides support for flat, tiered, pass-through and other custom pricing models.

Shorter Payment Cycles

Streamlined bill preparation and presentment means shorter billing cycles and improved cash flow for your business.

Customer Self-Service

Self-service features, including daily visibility into past and present trade activity via permission-based Web access, give customers convenient, online access to the billing information they need, resulted in customer satisfaction improvement.