Compliance and Surveillance

In today’s trading environment, regulatory requirements present serious risk to capital markets firms. Brokerages are barraged by rules and regulations — and they just keep coming.  Are you keeping your firm in line with the latest regulatory developments? Is your business insulated from the fines and reputational damage that stem from noncompliance?

A Robust Market Access Compliance and Surveillance Solution

The current regulatory expectations under SEC Rules 15(b)(4)(E), (Failure to Supervise), Section 9 (Market Manipulation), as well as NASD, FINRA and Exchange requirements for trade surveillance, make it clear that it is your responsibility to maintain robust trading activity surveillance. In the eyes of the SEC and other regulatory bodies, no proprietary trading firm or broker dealer is exempt from these responsibilities.  But like your business and clients, rules change — are you prepared and able to adjust?

Unwieldy enterprise-grade broker dealer compliance software is expensive, ineffective, inefficient and difficult to maintain. Every rule change requires a statement of work and a major investment to implement.  But in the current regulatory environment, the notion of going without any compliance and surveillance solution simply isn’t an option. Hoping that FINRA will ignore your firm’s operations is not a compliance strategy.

With years of experience serving broker dealers, Firm58 understands that you need a cost-effective, flexible market access compliance and surveillance solution that offers consolidated, cross-platform visibility into the threats lurking in your back office—a solution that delivers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your firm is fulfilling its regulatory duties.

Watch the demo below to learn about our compliance and surveillance solution.

Why should you consider Firm58’s Compliance and Surveillance Solution?

Are you complying with your current surveillance requirements?

The capital market industry’s lack of available, economical compliance solutions has forced many brokerages and trading firms to either ignore their surveillance requirements or lean on spreadsheets.  Sound familiar?  Firm58 delivers a cost-effective, hosted solution that allows you to focus on client service and strategy, rather than lose time moonlighting as a compliance expert.

Is your current compliance strategy easily scalable and adaptable?

Whether you’ve deployed a spreadsheet or a costly, monolithic enterprise solution, modifying surveillance rules is either very time consuming and/or expensive.  Have you been charged for changing or adding rules?  Have you ever wanted to segregate order/execution data for clients or traders but lacked the time, money and technology to do so?  Firm58 allows you to customize which data and rules you deploy for any division of your business, without hidden charges or additional overhead.

Can you track and document resolutions to potential compliance issues?

Are you prepared for the day that FINRA shows up? Come audit time, regulators not only want verification of your firm’s surveillance strategy and resources, but also proof that you’ve researched and addressed any red flags. Having a centralized audit trail of activity and resolutions can lighten your firm’s compliance burden and substantiate your approach to dealing with any potential risks. Firm58’s compliance solution documents all potential violations lurking in your trading activity and tracks final resolutions, demonstrating that you are meeting your surveillance requirements.