CSA Soft Dollar Program

A commission sharing agreement (CSA) or soft dollar program can be a powerful resource for attracting liquidity and driving top-line revenue for your firm. But without the proper soft dollar management solutions, it can be difficult to effectively manage the various interactions associated with three-party, soft dollar agreements.

The Need for Soft Dollar Management Solutions

In today’s competitive capital markets environment, back office requirements can threaten your firm’s bottom line. Although CSA and soft dollar programs are essential, they can potentially create increased workload, errors and compliance risks. Robust soft dollar management solutions mitigate risk and insulate your firm’s bottom line from the high costs associated with the management of soft dollar agreements.

CSA/Soft Dollar Demo

Interested in learning how our CSA/Soft Dollar solution works? Watch the video below to view a demo.

Benefits of Firm58’s CSA/Soft Dollar Program Solution

Firm 58’s configurable CSA/Soft Dollar Program Solution automates the invoicing and payment workflow for CSA and soft dollar arrangements. One of the most powerful and popular soft dollar management solutions in the industry, our CSA/Soft Dollar Program solution features a convenient, Web-based interface that allows end-users to access their balances and the history of their trading activity.

Automated Soft Dollar Billing and Accounting

Automated invoicing and payment workflows, and integration with your existing order management system (OMS) help optimize the management of soft dollar agreements, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that brokers are charging the correct fees per trade.

Enhanced Visibility

The CSA/Soft Dollar Program solution allows you to view balances, credits and payments, queued invoices, audit trails and other information in a single, convenient location. Your firm also gains visibility into accumulated CSA activity as well as pending and actual balances—per trade, per order and per day.

Flexible CSA/Soft Dollar Workflows

Firm58’s flexible soft dollar management solution offers a range of workflow options to support client commission agreements, commission sharing arrangements, soft dollar and custom loyalty programs.

Improved Partner Satisfaction

Vendors and partners can view the status of payment requests made on their behalf via an easy-to-use, Web-based, self-service portal that provides access to trade and payment status details. Email alerts keep all parties in the loop by tracking the entire lifecycle of payment requests.

Increased Compliance

The Firm58 CSA/Soft Dollar Program solution significantly increases your commitment to transparency and disclosure to the SEC.