Profit Analysis & Exchange Fee Management

As a growth-conscious capital markets firm, you need visibility into the clients, traders and venues that generate the most revenue for your business. And to maximize profit, you need a trade expense management system that delivers granular insights about the costs that are impacting your bottom line.

Whether you know it or not, you need better business analytics to improve decision-making and increase profitability.

Profit Analysis and Trade Expense Management Technology

When it comes to business performance, flying blind isn’t a realistic option for capital markets firms. But that’s exactly what happens if you don’t have technology capable of calculating client profitability for brokerage firms. From exchange fee management to the management of non-trade-related expenses, your business demands real-time visibility to all of the variables that impact daily net profitability.

Firm58: An Advanced Profit Analysis and Trade Expense Management Solution

Firm58’s Profit Analysis solution delivers detailed insights into margins, liquidity and income by automating variable and fixed-cost trade activity across assets. As a trade expense management tool, the Profit Analysis solution tracks all trade- and non-trade-related expenses to generate real-time reporting on net profitability across business units.

Improved Profitability

Firm58’s Profit Analysis solution conducts comprehensive, firm-wide cost analysis to determine highest spend, top and bottom performing clients, traders and liquidity pools by business unit, volume, fees and other variables.

Granular Expense and Profit Analysis

The Profit Analysis solution automates the calculation and reporting of actual trading volume and liquidity costs based on trade venue/route, price, symbol, class, tape, order/trade type, lot and more. It allows your organization to easily track public and private exchange/ECN fee schedule changes and rebates, and automatically track non-trading charges like technology, data, connection, workstation and device charges.

Public Fee Schedule Management

Firm58 can manage changes to more than 25 North American Equity and Option venues, freeing up your time to perform greater analysis of costs and trading strategies to enhance the profitability of your firm.

Real-time Performance Reporting

Advanced reporting capabilities deliver detailed reports by trader, client, symbol and other factors, providing actionable insights about daily net profitability. With real-time reporting across business units, your organization benefits from up-to-the-minute information about margins, liquidity and income.

Seamless Multi-system Integration

The Firm58 Profit Analysis solution seamlessly integrates data from multiple trading systems and clearing firms for deeper and more accurate trade expense management