The Firm58 Platform

Your ability to effectively manage back-office processes directly impacts business performance. Firm58 offers a scalable, secure and integrated post-trade platform designed to optimize back-office processes for capital markets firms of all shapes and sizes—empowering your firm with the tools you need to operate efficiently, securely and profitably.

The Firm58 Post-Trade Platform

The Firm58 Platform
Widely recognized as one of the most robust post-trade platforms and broker dealer financial software solutions in the industry, the Firm58 platform contains back-office solutions designed to address specific operational requirements.

From billing or revenue management and CSA/soft dollar programs for a middle and back office platform that protects revenue post-trade to powerful reporting and analytics that deliver valuable cost insights across the enterprise, the Firm58 platform helps your business remain nimble by allowing you to quickly respond to changing market conditions.

Key Benefits of the Firm58 Platform

At Firm58, we recognize that the pre-trade world evolves rapidly. As trades are divided across multiple execution venues, it becomes difficult to effectively manage fees, commissions and compliance. The Firm58 platform is built to handle the growing complexities you face—today and tomorrow.

Leading capital markets firms across the globe have replaced legacy and in-house systems with the Firm58 post-trade platform, enabling access to key benefits that drive improved business performance.

Better Compliance

At Firm58, we’re committed to delivering best practices with regard to the integrity of our systems and procedures. We completed the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70). The independent report provides verification of Firm58′s internal controls as they relate to the financial reporting requirements of its clients.

Robust Security

The threat of data breaches and unauthorized data access are constant concerns for capital markets firms. Firm58′s robust permission-based security model ensures that only you and your clients have access to the appropriate data.

Ease of Use

Firm58 frees your company from the cost and maintenance of on-site infrastructure, with convenient access using standard web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari.

Continuous Technology Improvement

Regular feature enhancements are delivered via Firm58’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Clients receive immediate and continuous ROI via automatic upgrades.