Trader P&L Reporting

In today’s capital markets environment, it’s not enough to simply know how well you’re trading at the end of the day. To compete effectively, you need brokerage P&L reporting that provides a real-time view of key expenses and income items across the firm.

Accurate and Accessible Brokerage P&L Reporting

Robust brokerage P&L reporting equips your business with the granular visibility it takes to remain profitable and competitive. With a built-in ledgering system and advanced trading P&L solution in your corner, you can significantly improve your organization’s trading position management activities—ensuring that you will always know the value of your assets, your current cash position and your daily performance.

Firm58’s Trader P&L Reporting Solution

Firm58’s Trader P&L Reporting solution delivers on-demand visibility to positions and trading P&L across asset values and across the enterprise. By providing accurate and accessible insights into the variables that directly impact profit and loss, our brokerage P&L reporting technology gives you a more complete picture of the business outcomes connected to trading activity.

Holistic View of Trading P&L

Powerful general and sub-ledger features provide automated calculation of trading- and non-trading-relation expenses and income (e.g., market data, research, connectivity, dividends, etc.).

Clearer Perspective of Daily Performance

Convenient, online access provides real-time visibility to daily P&L with multi-currency support that presents both native and converted values.

Improved Visibility Into Financial Position

Firm58’s advanced brokerage P&L reporting technology equips your organization with accurate and immediate access to cash balances, asset values and other variables that determine the firm’s financial position.