Are Financial Markets Ready to Implement Blockchain Technology?

For the past couple of years, bitcoin dominated the financial markets’ hype cycle. Today, organizations and traders are more excited about blockchain – the technology behind bitcoin’s success, a public ledger system that allows users to keep a verified and current record of transactions without the help of a centralized bank or third party. This is a significant achievement, one with the potential to reduce transactional costs without affecting accuracy. Already the Australian Securities Exchange is seriously considering replacing its trading and settlement system with blockchain technology, and more public and private markets could follow.

But decentralization makes regulators uneasy. Efforts to monitor and control blockchain technology could hinder its ability to operate as an open platform and ultimately undermine its utility for financial markets. Despite blockchain’s promise, the industry must overcome multiple operational and technological obstacles before it enters the mainstream.

Firm58’s white paper, “Blockchain Technology & the Back Office: What Capital Markets Firms Need to Know,” takes an in-depth look at these challenges.

What you’ll find inside:

  1. How the capital markets can begin to embrace blockchain technology, and the operational benefits this new system could yield.
  2. The specific challenges inherent to blockchain technology today, and what would need to change in order to facilitate successful industry-wide adoption.

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