How Mismanaged Execution Fees Are Eating Broker Dealer Profits

Technology has fundamentally changed capital markets over the past two decades. Before, trades were concentrated across a few key exchanges and most execution fees were flat rates. But now, fragmented markets and complex fee structures are creating serious challenges for broker dealer firms.

Failing to track and analyze execution fees not only drains broker dealers’ time and internal resources, it can risk their client relationships and profitability. Firm58’s whitepaper, “Mismanaged Execution Fees Cost Broker Dealers Millions in Profits: 5 Questions to Ensure You’re Not One of Them,” discusses the questions broker dealers need to ask themselves to rate their fee management abilities.

What You’ll Find Inside:

  1. Are you measuring exchange and regulatory execution fees, and charging clients accordingly?
  1. Are your exchange execution fee invoices correct and, if so, how do you verify their accuracy?
  1. During any given month, can you determine how to adjust your smart order routing to take advantage of volume discounts?

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