Broker Dealers

Broker dealer back-office demands are growing. Shrinking margins coupled with increasing compliance and regulatory requirements threaten efficiency in the middle and back office—highlighting the need for robust broker dealer software capable of protecting your firm’s profitability, while improving client and trader satisfaction.

Firm58: Broker Dealer Software You Can Count On

According to a recent SIFMA report, 90% of capital markets firms expect to outsource technology initiatives for analytics related to risk, compliance and trading. Firm58 equips your business with powerful broker dealer software that dramatically improves your ability to manage flexible revenue models and control expenses—providing Web-based access to fees, commissions and compliance.

Convert Billing Into Business Strategy

Firm58’s comprehensive Billing solution revolutionizes the broker back office by completely automating your operational billing process. From calculation to presentation to payments, your clients enjoy on-demand visibility to trade activity, related fees, statements and invoices via a convenient and easy-to-use online portal—resulting in lower client support costs, increased customer satisfaction and the ability to convert billing into business advantage. Integrated revenue reporting provides your brokerage with key insights into client activity to help you make better decisions about your business. Read more about Firm58 Billing. 

Manage Exchange Fees and Client Expenses

The best revenue management solutions for brokers need to provide granular insights about the clients, traders, products and venues that are most profitable to the firm. Firm58’s Profit Analysis solution delivers by managing public fee schedules on your behalf, automatically calculating all income and expense information, and making it instantly available via the Web—equipping you with strategic insights about the financial health and strength of your business. Take a closer look at the Firm58 Profit Analysis solution. 

Increase Revenue with a CSA/Soft Dollar Program

Leading capital markets firms attract order flow by offering automated client commission agreements (CCAs), commission sharing arrangements (CSAs) and soft dollar programs to clients. Firm58’s CSA/Soft Dollar Program solution provides highly intuitive and configurable broker dealer software that automates all of the necessary activities for launching and managing these programs, and gives customers direct access to trade activity via a secure, Web-based portal. Learn more about Firm58’s CSA/Soft Dollar Program solution. 

Track and Report on Trade Compliance & Surveillance

The rising costs and requirements of Dodd-Frank and other SEC, NASD, FINRA and Exchange Compliance rules demand broker dealer software designed to track and report trade compliance risks. Firm58’s Compliance & Surveillance solution provides more than a dozen online exceptions-based reports mitigate risk by identifying “red flags” before regulatory problems take root. Explore Firm58’s Compliance and Surveillance solutions.