Execution Venues

From the world’s largest global exchanges to leading electronic communication networks (ECNs) and alternative trading systems (ATSs), Firm58 empowers execution venues with exchange billing solutions that reduce operating costs, improve customer satisfaction and uncover hidden revenue opportunities.

Firm58: Advanced Exchange Billing Solutions for Today’s Markets

Technology helps your organization stay ahead of the competition. But not all exchange billing solutions are the same. At Firm58, we specialize in helping some of the world’s largest exchanges radically enhance their execution venue revenue management capabilities with exchange fee management and exchange billing solutions designed for today’s competitive marketplace.

Turn Billing Into Business Advantage

Large execution venues understand the importance of automating end-to-end billing processes and providing detailed revenue reports across their businesses. That’s why Firm58 is the exchange billing solution provider for NYSE Euronext, CBSX, and The Boston Options Exchange, among others. Featuring support for cost-plus and tiered billing, point-and-click rate management and access to trade-level details, Firm58 equips execution venues with the exchange billing solutions to shorten billing cycles, quickly implement new fees and provide customers with convenient, self-service access to the information they need, when they need it. Learn more about Firm58’s Billing solution here.