Trading Firms

More than ever, trading firms need increased visibility to daily trading P&L reporting and the complex risks that threaten trade compliance. Firm58 equips trading firms with advanced trading P&L reporting tools, surveillance solutions and other technologies that improve profitability and mitigate regulatory risk.

Firm58: Advanced Trading P&L Reporting Technology

Firm58 helps trading firms streamline and reduce operational costs in the organization’s middle and back offices with daily trading P&L reporting and by automatically calculating expenses at a granular level—an important goal for trading firm expense management. Additionally, Firm58 provides robust surveillance for trade compliance, ensuring that your firm has clear visibility to performance (account/trader/client), daily net profitability and trade compliance risks.

Increase Compliance and Surveillance

Increased regulatory scrutiny make it critically important for proprietary trading firms to conduct robust, daily surveillance of all trading activity. Firm58’s hosted Compliance & Surveillance solution automates the daily review of consolidated trade activity and evaluates the risks associated with trading activities. With more than a dozen online, exceptions-based Compliance and Surveillance tests reducing your organization’s risk, you’ll have visibility to red flags long before they appear on the radar of regulatory agencies. Learn more about Firm58’s Compliance & Surveillance product. 

Improve Trading Firm Execution Expense Management

The growing volume of execution venues and rate complexities make it difficult for trading firms to verify that appropriate liquidity rebates are being recouped and execution fees are being charged correctly. Firm58’s powerful profit and managed exchange fee analysis technology calculates and aggregates all income and expense items (variable or fixed), and provides comprehensive profitability reports that highlight financial information on a trade-by-trade basis. Read more about Firm58’s Profit Analysis solution. 

Track Positions and Monitor Daily Trading P&L

Firm58 allows your firm to more effectively manage positions across trading groups, regardless of asset class. Our technology automatically tracks changes to asset values, asset inventories, positions and balances. The system calculates gross and net P&L (realized and unrealized), and provides instant, Web-based access to daily, weekly and monthly statements. Explore Firm58’s Trader P&L Reporting solution.